Your stay is organised – nothing to worry about

Accommodation and often also healthy food and activities are arranged in a nice setting, you just lay back in between two yoga sessions.

Discovering yoga – or a yoga style

A retreat is not necessarily for experienced yogis. It can address (and often does) to beginners and is a perfect opportunity to learn something new, to check out if you like the practice. For experienced yogis it allows to discover other branches of the big yoga family, or practices which they don’t have back home. And the duration allows creativity with places and time slots, like sunrise yoga on the beach or midnight meditation.

Combine holiday with activity

Daily stretching, twisting, bending and inversions are a great gift for your body! (careful, it might get used to it!) Not to get overdone with yoga practice all day long (twice a day might be enough) a retreat is usually combined with other activities: it can be workshops about yogic way of life, symbols and philosophy, but it also can be down to earth activities like horse riding, hiking, surfing, cooking, Ayurveda, pool/beach and so on.

Get to know likeminded people

Everyone arrives with his own baggage of expectations, worries and stress. After a few common sessions of postures and meditation, the energies are leveled and very soon the group finds its harmony. You will make new friends, opening you to new horizons.

Takes you out of your comfort zone

Might you go with a friend or alone, you never know in advance what the environment and people will be about, there’s always a bit of unknown joining a retreat – and that’s where the magic happens. Just open your mind and your soul will be rewarded!

… and last but not least

You head to a sunny place and you come back home with sunshine in your heart. Yoga is more than reaching your toes, the breathing exercises take you deeper than to your lungs and tummy, closing your eyes opens the view on a new landscape.

After a Yoga Retreat you always have some take away that will resonate in you longtime after your journey. You are free to pick the piece you want to take with you.

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