My Paths to Yoga

First paths in Thailand

I started Yoga when I was 50, long working days in an office and back pain being my daily companion.

In that days I was living in Thailand, where a local yoga teacher in a fitness studio made me discover in my first lesson an inversion posture with all my weight being on my head and hands and my feet pointing up to the ceiling. When I came back down, I felt so energized and euphoric “Yes I did it!” Today I know that all inversion postures supply the brain, spinal cord and nervous system with an increased flow of blood and as a result all body functions are toned and enhanced. Which of course intensified my feeling of well-being.

Ashtanga through all continents

I continued in a Yoga Ashtanga school with a very motivating Russian teacher who made me exceed, step by step, my physical boundaries and accept and love my body as it is. From then on, I practiced regularly, ones or twice a week, and it was always possible to find a yoga class and new friendships on my way from Thailand over Kathmandu, Malaysia, Bali, Goa, Buenos Aires to Switzerland and Slovenia, my roots. I am now five years later, living winter time in Asia and summer in Europe, and never had back pain ever since.

Integral Yoga Teacher on Madeira

Today I am Integral Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Alliance RYS200, I want to help other women and men to have this moment of “Yes I did it!” and to find their path to well-being.

Each Asana has its own benefits for our physical body and combined with the proper breathing helps to calm and control the mind, steady the emotions. I continue my personal training with Svastha Yoga Therapy with focus on lumbar spine, pelvic area and hips.

Age cannot be the problem coming on the paths of practice. The key is regular practice and willpower.

I want to help my students to explore their needs and become independent in their practice. That’s why I believe that having a few short sequences for personal and regular practice is more beneficial than going ones upon a time to a long yoga class.

To come on track for regular exercise, a week’s immersion into yoga, breathing exercises and meditation is the perfect way. I organize Yoga Retreats in the countries I’m familiar with: Madeira (Portugal), Thailand and Croatia. I carefully select the resorts and activities for a well-balanced week, combining yoga and discovery of region, culture and spirituality. Most of my classes are in English, but often also in German or French.

I am still discovering the limitless teachings of Yoga for body and mind and am happy to share them with you in a nice setting, relaxed atmosphere and a shot of laughs

Miliza Ceh

What they say out of their experience in January 2020

We had a warm welcome and spent an intense week with well distributed activities. Yoga classes were possible even for beginners particularly as we were in a small group. We had very carefully prepared meals, met wonderful people of different nationalities and this allowed us to build up a nice energy. The outdoor meditation was a great time for a reconnection to our dear mother earth.

I also enjoyed the hiking day to discover the region of Chiang Mai.

The teachers gave us high quality methods and practices.


Thank you, Miliza, for all your organization, I spent a very good time, met nice people, learned so many things during these few days, was eating healthy food, visiting nice places. The massage was so marvelous, I recommend to everyone to try it, the herbal hot compress is good for relaxation!

The meditation in the middle of nature and with the presence of a monk was one of the highlights, a pure moment of relaxation. The chanting of the monks was also an unforgettable moment shared together.

It was a nice retreat, it was so fun, wonderful time spent with this group. Hope to see you again for another retreat.


The retreat in Chiang Mai was an unforgettable week, physically and emotionally intense. Real moments of exchange and sharing around yoga and meditation. This retreat not only rejuvenated me but I felt regenerated as the days went by.

I think the place was particularly well-chosen, Miliza, and the synergy of the group really allowed me to be as relaxed as ever! I also think practicing disciplines like yoga and meditation in connection with nature helps tremendously to let go and feel reconnected to oneself. A gentle well-being!


After the online courses 2019

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