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Yoga for your Back

GROUP COURSE 6 Weeks Program

Start 25th October 2019

  • Private yoga session and assessment 45’ in discovery call
  • Weekly video of about 30 minutes with detailed instructions for postures
  • Weekly video of about 15 minutes for your personal yoga practice
  • Weekly Facebook live Q&A in private group
  • Weekly Quiz about the learned postures
  • Reminders by e-mail
  • Private yoga session and assessment 45’ at the end of program

6 Weeks Schedule

Week 1: Unfold your mat


  • Alignment of spine and neck in standing position
  • First balance postures
  • Easy half-torsion of torso
  • First backbends for the lower back

Week 2: Love the practice

Alignment and lower body flexibility

  • Alignment of spine and neck in sitting position
  • Soft spine rotation
  • Forward and back bend for lower body flexibility
  • Locust pose to strengthen lower back muscles

Week 3: Feel your body

Flexibility of shoulders and torso

  • Lateral stretch with Triangle and Side Angle poses
  • Stretch shoulders and smile to cow face
  • Easy Plank to strengthen lower back
  • Feel like a Goddess!

You can feel the progress, bends and stretches are easier and welcome, but still it’s the most difficult week. To eradiate all the good reasons not to do your daily practice, the teacher and the FB-community are there to help you.

Week 4: Focus inside

Find your balance and strength

  • Power of balance with Warrior III
  • Chair pose to strengthen spine and thighs
  • The higher the Plank the stronger the abdomen
  • A Pigeon to open your hips

The intelligence of your body now takes you further without your will having to insist. Your routine is part of your day. Still fragile, of course.

Week 5: Wanna go further

Bend back and forward

  • Bow pose to stretch back the spine
  • Increasing strength and suppleness in spine and hips
  • Boat pose for abdomen and back
  • Locust to relieve pain in sacral and lumbar regions of back

Week 6: Yes, I did it!

Extension and Inversions

  • Extend the spine with Camel pose
  • Shoulderstand calms mind and stretches shoulders
  • Inversions to supply brain with increased flow of blood
  • Inversions to lighten tired legs and vains

Postures resulting from the participants’ votes last week.

Individual personal Yoga session for final assessment.

How does a group course work?

Before you subscribe

A private yoga session in a discovery call, where you meet your teacher and get to know each other. Prepare a ruler or measure tape for this session, you will make some measurements to define your current state of flexibility, balance and strength. It will be the opportunity to explain to your teacher your physical challenges and restrictions, if any.

During the program

  • In a weekly 30 minutes video you learn how to practice a sequence of postures: how to breath, set alignment and find stability.
    Every week you deepen the knowledge of the benefits of one posture.
  • A weekly video of around 15 min., made in a nice natural setting, shows the same sequence and gives you the essentials to make these postures on your own. The vocal instructions can be used as a podcast for your practice.
  • Within a private Facebook-group you can ask questions, share your wins and your doubts with other students doing the same program and having the same state of experience. You get motivated to really do it.
    A weekly live Q&A session gives you the opportunity to bring up your questions with direct answer within a webinar.
  • Regular e-mails to motivate you (except if you prefer not to receive them)

Private yoga session in an End of Program call with your teacher, where you will take the same measurements as at the beginning, to celebrate your progress.

Do you have any question regarding the proceeding of Group Yoga or payment terms? Just let us a message here or write an e-mail to and we will reply you within 24h.

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