Full Moon

Yoga & Mantra


28th of March 2021

Full Moon

Yoga & Mantra

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28th of March, 2021


… are propitious to purge old energies, get rid of thought patterns, replace any negativity or darkness with the bright Full Moon energy.

Set the intention of what you want to let go.



Cooling & Relaxing



For your Mind & Soul



Purge old energies

Celebrate Full Moon

Full Moon Yoga & Mantra & Ritual

Sunday, 28th of March 2021

20:00 London, 21:00 CET Paris time, 22:00 Helsinki

Duration: about 1.5h

Assist live by Zoom or stream in private Facebook group

Following payment of 9 euro, you receive an instant download with all relevant details including your Zoom meeting information and access to private Facebook group.


…on growth of plants, movements of the oceans

and also the growth of our mind


To start Miliza guides you through the yoga sequence called Moon Salutation, cooling and soothing your mind and bringing balance to the body.

To learn more about Moon Salutation and its benefits, read this blog post.

Mantra and intention

In this event, we start with a fire ceremony and then chant Indian and Tibetan Mantras, but also songs from South America. We meditate to the sound of our voices and feel their vibrations in our body.

Chanting, whispering with Emilie or just mentally repeating the mantra calms your mind and deepens the relaxation. The resonance of Emilie’s voice opens your heart and connects you with your personal and own spirituality.

But first you set your intention for the times to come, through a special ritual… It’s the opportunity to purge old energies, get rid of old patterns, let go…

What You Need

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Yoga mat or non-slippery surface
  • A small pillow/cushion to sit on
  • Paper and Pen
  • Lighter/Matches or Candle
  • A plate and a bowl with water


Miliza Ceh

Miliza is yoga teacher living in Slovenia, Switzerland and other sunny places. With her program Yoga for your Back she guides her students through gentle but powerful sequences to strengthen their core muscles and widen their range of motion, always with the focus on supporting the lower back without coming into pain zone.

Emilie Mangoni

Emilie is a singer and yoga teacher, born in France, living on Madeira island, Portugal. She adds voice and music to her yoga classes, the sound and vibration increasing well-being and healing. Emilie has a deep understanding of Indian and Tibetan Mantra, organises Mantra Circles following the nurturing energy of the Moon’s circle.


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