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18 – 31 March 2020

Strengthen your spine with yoga Svastha therapy

Free Online Course


I’m stuck in Slovenia, on my way to the upcoming retreat in Croatia (which is postponed), and – as so many of us – have to follow the current travel restrictions. I therefore offer you

From 18 – 31 March 2020 (videos available till 15 April)

Free online yoga lessons

which are the result from my recent training Svastha Yoga Therapy for the lower back.

You are as young as your spine is flexible! To prepare the ground, we will strengthen the spine with focused exercises for all muscle layers.


Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 10:20 am, live yoga session

We will practice simple, but dynamic sequences of Svastha Therapy Yoga, Monday to Friday 10:00 am CET around 20 minutes, with focus on lower back. Together we build a routine for your back with clear instructions, easy to follow, and motivation within a Facebook group which makes the practice fun. You can join to live sessions by Zoom or stream the sessions within a private Facebook-group till 15th April.

You can join by Zoom, we can see each other and talk during or after practice, or you can watch the live-stream in a private Facebook group. The video will be available within the FB-group for later streaming as well.


For whom is it?

It’s for everyone who wants to build in some active and mindful time into her/his days at home.

  • Beginners – it will be easy to follow
  • Practicing Yogis – you might learn something new 🙂

4 – 11 April 2020

Croatia, Istria


Daily yoga in the award-winning 16th century in Villa Covri. Immersion in local cultural and spiritual life. Visit of Rovinj and beautiful remote spots for walks, mindfulness and being in the present moment.

Postponed – new date to be decided as per interest – Register on Waiting List and contribute to fix a new date!

25th July – 1st August 2020

Madeira, Portugal


A medical Ayurveda consultation to benefit of your full board stay at Alpino Atlantico with Ayurvedic meals, massages and workshops. Your mind finds it fullness with walks along water channels, through Mimosa forests, an outdoor Resonance Yoga session, meditations and mantra.

24 – 30 October 2020

Thailand, Chiang Mai


A program with yoga, introduction to Meditation with Buddhist Monk and Sri Annatta, excursions to remote temples. Boutique resort Ban Sabai Village Resort with pool, spa, in idyllic setting close to charming Chiang Mai.

Past Retreats 2020


Yoga for every age and level, Meditation and discovery of local cultural and spiritual life, set in idyllic locations.

What will you get during the Retreats?


Yoga classes designed for beginner and intermediate level, relieving back pain, stiffness, stress. Experienced instructors adapt to student’s individual needs.

The resorts are carefully selected to give you a boutique experience and complete your wellness stay.

The Retreat is organised by Paths to Yoga, a representative will be on site with you during the whole stay. The number of participants is limited to maximum 12 persons.


Yoga Classes Online


  • Online Yoga Classes with individual support
  • Live sessions
  • Motivation through like-minded community within FB-group

New Beginnings with Yoga


Harassed by job, family, household and unfulfilled ambitions? That’s me when I was 30. Permanent back pain and a restless mind after long office days? Me, when I was 50. That’s the year I discovered yoga.

A few years later, I finally feel balanced and still continue my Paths to Yoga. They take me every year from Europe to Asia and back, sometimes through quirky stories, from an incense stick and full moon yoga to new stiles, hidden places, wonderful people and non-expected benefits for body and mind.

I’m happy to take you with me on this journey and to show you that there’s no limit of age or skills levels for new beginnings with Yoga!

I’m still discovering and follow my passion, so if you subscribe below you will get information about benefits of yoga and meditation, breathing exercises, healthy lifestyle and my travel through Thailand, Madeira and Croatia. Don’t worry, there won’t be more e-mails than one per month, I’m far too busy with talking to people and going to new place and preparing new retreats.


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Let’s Meet!

Free 45′ Yoga

Let’s get to know each other in a 45 minutes yoga discovery session.

Through gentle poses you can decide if you like the practice with me and we can measure together your flexibility, balance and strength, to help us to set your goals.

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