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Yoga for your Back
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Yoga Retreat Bodensee

OcTober 2 – 8, 2021

Relieve Backpain, Find Flexibility with Yoga

Live Online Programs – Yoga Holidays for Everyone


  • Sooth back pain
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Re-discover and re-connect to your body
Yoga Meditation sitting


  • Boost energy and feel uplifted
  • Calm your mind and relax
  • Find motivation to move
Yoga Low Lunge


  • Get to know yoga and discover new sequences
  • Avoid accidents by being aware of your body

Where would you like to begin?

Yoga For Back April 2021 Online

Short but regular sessions – live online. Our live online courses are yoga for beginners and intermediate. You get a schedule to commit to, motivation and are guided step-by-step during 30 minutes. Also, you receive PDF files explaining main postures and replays to practice at your own pace.

Some sessions are rather dynamic, others more gentle. The poses are always with variations within your possibilities, so over time you feel ease for practice and your body enjoying the stretches and movements. Your mind and emotions follow your body.

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A nice way to find a start, is a retreat – or call it a yoga holiday. You find an immersion in daily moving and will keep the momentum after returning home. Our yoga holidays are designed for beginners and advanced as well, with multiple yoga teachers adapting to beginners and intermediate level. Also, the blend with local culture and nature makes the retreat accessible for everyone – even if you’re not a yoga adept.

Our yoga retreats are in carefully selected places, combining yoga and meditation with local culture and nature.

Act now and avoid hassles 

  • Are you tired of lower back pain?

  • Are you under stress?
  • Have you been sitting at your computer all day?
  • Are your muscles sore and stiff?
  • Do you lack energy, feel down?

It won’t get better over time, if you don’t take action. You can find relieve with over the counter products, of course. But then there’s no miracle: your body is made for movement and needs regular moves daily. Also your bones benefit from physical activity.

That’s why we go for short but regular sessions.



  • Relieve your lower back pain and walk with pleasure again
  • Enhance flexibility for daily life
  • Boost your energy and surprise your surroundings
  • Lift your spirit, feel relaxed and embrace the world with a smile

You are guided step by step, go into the poses following your breath. You re-connect to your body, relax your mind.

This quote is made of statements from this year’s participants to the online program Yoga for your Back:

To give it a first try, these 4 sessions of 10 minutes each are free for you.

10 Minutes Yoga for Flexibility

Download illustrated instructions for 4 Sessions

  • 4 different sessions, from which you can choose depending on your mood of the day
  • Each session is made of 5 poses, presented at a glance
  • Each session is made of bending to the sides, forward, backward, twisting the spine and also a strength pose

Download the files now, and you’re good for your first 10-minute private yoga class.

The documents are free of charge.

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