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Yoga for your Back

Take action to relieve back pain with Yoga

Live Online Programs – Yoga Holidays in exclusive settings


  • Sooth back pain
  • Strengthen core muscles to support your back


  • Boost energy and feel uplifted
  • Find motivation to taking action to move


  • Get to know yoga and discover new sequences
  • Avoid accidents by being aware of your body

 3 – 10 April 2021
10 – 17 April 2021

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Holiday with yoga, walks on volcanoes and along cliffs, blended with active or lazy time on the beach.

22 – 28 May 2021

Slovenia, Lake Bohinj

Yoga Retreat connecting with the mornings’ fresh energy from the lake and stunning landscapes from the surrounding mountains.

Early Bird March 2021

October 2021

Thailand, Chiang Mai

A program with yoga, introduction to Meditation with Buddhist Monk and Sri Annatta, excursions to remote temples. Boutique resort Ban Sabai Village Resort with pool, spa, in idyllic setting close to charming Chiang Mai.

Past Retreats 2020

Yoga for every age and level, Meditation and discovery of local cultural and spiritual life, set in idyllic locations.

Free for You and your Back

15-minute video: yoga practice Keep Moving

This 15-minute video is free for you. You are guided step-by-step into gentle forward and back bends for your spine. With a shot of engagement to strengthen your core muscles.

You receive in addition a PDF explaining how to do the poses.

And last but not least: You get to know me. Because a Yoga class is also about human connection.

Yoga for your Back

Act now and avoid hassles


Sore back after working days and feel knocked out? Difficult to bend over putting your socks in the morning? Scared to go out because your back hurts?

It won’t get better over time, if you don’t take action. You can find relieve with over the counter products, of course. But then there’s no miracle: your body is made for movement and needs regular moves daily.

That’s why we go for short but regular sessions.

The best way to find a start, is a retreat, where you find an immersion in daily moving and will keep the momentum after returning home.

In these stay-home-days we give you options to practice at home, short but regular sessions – LIVE ONLINE.

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“I’ve never done yoga!”

You are guided step by step through gentle Yoga flow sequences, designed for beginners and intermediate level. Also you receive PDF files explaining the postures and replays to practice at your own pace.

Thought would be too difficult to me

“I enjoyed, among other things, especially how you made the shifts from one asana to another in a very “natural” way. I enjoyed the mini-course all together a lot, and I do feel I want to join now the 4 weeks of Yoga for your back. This seems the gentle way to come back to yoga, which I already thought would be too difficult to me.”

Tanja, Finland

First Time Yoga, Love it!

“The online live classes gave me time for myself (even my baby respected these moments), improved my well-being in terms of flexibility and a lot of relaxation for the all body, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Being my first time to do yoga, it was a great experience and loved it.”

Annet, Finland

“I’ve never done online class!”

Most of these participants have never done online yoga before. We are all discovering this new way of functioning together. It’s based on mutual trust. That’s why I never record the Zoom sessions or the participants. The videos showing my own practice are done with a separate camera.

Strengthened body, energized spirit and happy mind!

The course has given a combination of energy, fun, relief, exercise, company, both physical and mental strength in these times of Corona confinement, but is suitable for everyday practice all the year round. Thanks a lot Miliza!

The asanas bring the tensed muscles both strength and relief. The breathing exercises open up the chest so the oxygen flows in the whole body. The relaxed atmosphere helps to be able to let go of the everyday stress surrounding us. It made me each morning to wake up and already be waiting for the yoga, like a child waits for Santa :).

Mia, France

“No time!”

It’s 30 minutes – time for yourself. In case you miss a live class, there is a replay for your private practice.

Connection to others via live Zoom!

“I could schedule in the course every day as the duration is just about 30 minutes. It created a kind of routine within my day which is good in special times like these we are facing at the moment.

I like to be connected with others via the live option of zoom – that gives the yoga session a special touch. I’m not such a fan of recorded sessions, so for me that is so much more interesting and I appreciated the friendly guidance from Miliza.”

Carmen, Austria

“I wont be consistent!”

You are motivated by a schedule and appointment to commit to. An email  is gently reminding you and gives you hints for practice.

Resumption of Yoga practice

Participating in this 5-day proposal (Yoga for your Back – Easter 2020), was a significant decision for me. Miliza took an excellent approach to my resumption of yoga practice. She chose the movements very well and had an excellent pace for online practices, making it possible to understand and follow 100% of the class. During the course, we remained focused on breathing all the time, guided by Miliza, which made the movements more effective and kept us in the here and now.

As a result, I felt more ready for the day and reduced back pain; I was feeling mainly in the neck area. The most important thing is that I feel like continuing to practice and take care of my body and soul. Thank you Miliza, you gave me a gift.

Kelly, Luxembourg

“I don’t have yoga equipment!”

Comfortable cloths and a clean, non-slippery surface are sufficient for home practice. You might want to add a folded blanket for your knees. The yoga classes are planned without any particular props (other than a chair, a towel or a cushion).

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